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What is sustainable fashion for dogs?

February 20, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

We love dogs and we love nature

So if we created a brand of clothing and accessories for dogs, it had to be sustainable yes or yes.

Most companies in the textile sector have jumped on the bandwagon of sustainable fashion. For example, for some, producing clothes with organic cotton in a factory in Taiwan is sustainable. From Gobak we are not going to enter into these types of assessments, but we do want to explain what sustainable fashion consists of for us.

Buying 5 "eco" garments a month does not make you more sustainable

Gobak was born with the idea of creating garments that last. Because if they last, you will have to buy less and therefore the resources consumed will be less as well. For us, what is truly ecological is not buying many sustainable products, but buying what is fair and necessary. For this reason, we are committed to resistant and quality fabrics and materials that increase the durability of our products. So easy and so difficult.

“Plastic-free” garments and recyclable materials

Our dog harnesses, as well as raincoats and hoodies, are plastic-free. In addition, on its label, you can read the name of easily recyclable materials such as neoprene, cotton tape, nylon... The ecological footprint tells us about the trace left by our products when we stop using them and at Gobak we wanted to reduce it.

Manufacturing in Spain to be closer

For us, the place where something is manufactured does matter. Sustainability does not go well with producing 5,000 km away from where you are going to sell your products. In this way we reduce the impact generated by transportation; we control the materials that are used; and we make sure that manufacturing is carried out responsibly, in terms of decent and safe working conditions for all the people involved. Sustainability is environmental, but also social.

Our purpose: live with our dogs in nature

What we have told you gives coherence to our brand. We make fashion for dogs so you can enjoy with them in nature. In the mountains, in a natural park, in a rural environment, on the beach, or in a lake. Living in a natural environment, enjoying simple things, and respecting mother earth. We love dogs and we love nature.

Find sustainable fashion for dogs

Do you join Gobak 's slow fashion?

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