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What is sustainable fashion for dogs?

February 20, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

We love dogs and we love nature

So if we created a brand of clothing and accessories for dogs, it had to be sustainable yes or yes.

Most companies in the textile sector have jumped on the bandwagon of sustainable fashion. For example, for some, producing clothes with organic cotton in a factory in Taiwan is sustainable. From Gobak we are not going to enter into these types of assessments, but we do want to explain what sustainable fashion consists of for us.

Buying 5 "eco" garments a month does not make you more sustainable

Gobak was born with the idea of creating garments that last. Because if they last, you will have to buy less and therefore the resources consumed will be less as well. For us, what is truly ecological is not buying many sustainable products, but buying what is fair and necessary. For this reason, we are committed to resistant and quality fabrics and materials that increase the durability of our products. So easy and so difficult.

“Plastic-free” garments and recyclable materials

Our dog harnesses, as well as raincoats and hoodies, are plastic-free. In addition, on its label, you can read the name of easily recyclable materials such as neoprene, cotton tape, nylon... The ecological footprint tells us about the trace left by our products when we stop using them and at Gobak we wanted to reduce it.

Manufacturing in Spain to be closer

For us, the place where something is manufactured does matter. Sustainability does not go well with producing 5,000 km away from where you are going to sell your products. In this way we reduce the impact generated by transportation; we control the materials that are used; and we make sure that manufacturing is carried out responsibly, in terms of decent and safe working conditions for all the people involved. Sustainability is environmental, but also social.

Our purpose: live with our dogs in nature

What we have told you gives coherence to our brand. We make fashion for dogs so you can enjoy with them in nature. In the mountains, in a natural park, in a rural environment, on the beach, or in a lake. Living in a natural environment, enjoying simple things, and respecting mother earth. We love dogs and we love nature.

Find sustainable fashion for dogs

Do you join Gobak 's slow fashion?

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My life and my green bag

February 20, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

I’ve been using green bags for quite some time now. At first, it was always a struggle but recently I found a way to remedy the situation. My constant problem was that I had the willpower to use my green bags whenever I go shop but my forgetfulness makes all that willpower futile.

I keep forgetting it and if you happen to pass by, you’d probably see me reprimanding myself. It’s crazy, I know. But lately, I bought a new eco-friendly bag. With my old green bag left on our back door so I would always see it on my out, the other bag goes in the passenger seat of the car. This way, I’d have no excuse for not using it. 

Green Bags

Green Bags

The feeling of getting positive comments and praises from management and store employees is great. It makes you want to do more good things. However, some people don’t share the same sentiments and think that it’s just causing more delay. In truth, it actually only takes a few minutes more than just getting plastic bags out of the stack. Besides, I’m more than happy to help in placing my shopped items in my bag. That way, we all would be happy.

Green bags are great shopping bags. You no longer have to worry about stuff falling out and rolling in the car while you’re in transit. You also don’t have to be scared of having heavy stuff fall through off the bottom of the bag. Green bags are sturdy and strong.

New eco-friendly bags

They’re not only shopping bags; they’re also great gift bags! When I give out gifts to my friends, I always place them in green bags and finish them off with a bright and colorful ribbon. The result is beautiful. When your friends get them, they’ll be surprised. It’s like getting two gifts at one time. And believe me, the tote bags get to be used longer than the gift.

Reusable bags have made a great impact in my life and I’m making a small impact in saving our planet. Get on the green bag move now and let's all help save the earth.

New eco-friendly green bags

Kylie, the Autor, is a content writer for a leading manufacturer of green bags, eco-friendly promotional bags, and car seat covers.

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Ag Jeans – Redefining Denim

February 7, 2022 - Reading time: 2 minutes

When two pioneers in the denim-making process tie-up, the result is bound to be pure dynamite. That is exactly what happened with AG jeans.

Way back in 2000, Adriano Goldschmied tied up with Yul Ku of Koos manufacturing to form what would be one of the most sought-after denim brands in the world, AG jeans.

Creating vintage jeans is not something that everyone can try a hand at. Adriano knew this. He was a master at the task while Ku was a second-generation jeans maker with years of expertise behind him. He had successfully manufactured jeans for Gap, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, etc. Together they created vintage-looking jeans that had the freshness and the attitude of modern jeans.

Today, even after they have ended their association, AG jeans continue to expand and cross new boundaries.

What makes it so special AG jeans?

The makers at AG consider Denim to be the perfect canvas where they can display their creativity. Hence they choose only the best quality denim from mills in Italy and Japan but the jeans themselves is made in the US.

AG Jeans - AG Denim

The stitching is something that can set a pair of jeans apart from the rest and make it stand out in the crowd. So AG uses only the finest quality stitching machinery comprising of single needle, double-needle, and chain stitch.

There are several jeans manufacturers out there who sand the jeans with machinery but not AG jeans. Extremely skilled technicians sand the jeans manually giving it the most perfect finish at edges and borders. Even the final pumice stone washing process was first pioneered by KU. This is what gives the jeans a soft feel with a rugged look.

Buying the jeans You can visit their official website to browse through their complete jeans and jackets collection for both men and women. There are several online boutiques too where you can buy AG jeans.

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Would You Like To Buy A Leather Bag ?

February 20, 2022 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Compared to other leather, the top layer leather is very expensive certainly. Although it is a thing that everyone already knew, many people hesitate to spend so much money on it. But you can use a top-layer leather bag for ten years or even twenty years, and it is easy to nurse because you can wash it with running water. At the same time, the top-layer leather bag can show your status and taste.

Especially all leather bags are made by hands, so it has excellent make and soft surface. Thus, it is more durable and worth to but this kind of bag.

But do you know why leather bags are so expensive? The leather is a very important factor that affects bags value and the top layer leather is more expensive than the second layer leather because it has good quality and wonderful colors, such as KAISER and EIBOO bags.

This is why cheap leather bags are also popular in the market. On the one hand, they are the leather bags certainly; on the other hand, they are not as expensive as other famous bags. But we need to admit that the style of this kind of leather bag is not very fashionable.

Buy a Leather Bag

Buy A Leather Bag

It is worthy of being mentioned the calfskin. As we all know, the calfskin has a fine texture and beautiful lines. Many dealers intend to imply that their bags are made of calf skin to run the price up.

No matter it is calfskin or cattle skin, it is a leather bag of high quality. What consumers should remember is that some dealers may imitate leather skin with bonded leather and high-quality PU. Consumers need to learn some knowledge about leather skin if they want to buy leather bags.

For example, the easiest way is to smell. You can smell the lovely leather if it is a leather bag. Or it is also a good idea to visit a shop of high reputation like, you will find economical and credible leather bags in it.

Would You Like To Buy A Leather Bag?

Good quality indeed means a high price, but there is an exception to this rule. Recently, LV also launched many expensive cloth bags. It is also common in other industries. For example, natural crystal is more expensive than synthetic crystal.

In addition to the leather, the quality of metal pieces is also an important factor. Especially the shoulder bags which are decorated with U-shaped hoops and metal ornament. Usually, a good metal ornament can be still bright even after two or three years. It is also reasonable for an expensive price.

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Ahead of Idul Fitri, Tuberose Flowers Laris Manis

January 4, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Ahead of Eid, people usually decorate their homes with fresh flowers. Residents usually invade the largest flower market in Jakarta, Rawa Belong.

Head of Business Unit Means Sentra Rawa Belong Flower Market Flower M Muljadi said the most sought-after community interest ahead of Eid is the tuberose flower.

He considered the tuberose flower is highly sought after by people who want to decorate her house when Lebaran. “Tuberose became the best-selling interest ahead of the Eid al-Fitr,” said Muljadi to Tempo in his office, Tuesday, August 6, 2013, afternoon.

Mulyadi revealed in January, about 800 thousand to one million tuberose flower stalks are sold out for the H-3 to H-1 or takbiran night. Tuberose stalks one for Rp 5000-6000. “Imagine if sold 800ribu stalk, flower traders how the overall turnover in the Rawa Belong market,” said Muljadi.

Tuberose Flowers

A similar sentiment was expressed by Toyib (59), flower merchants Ambarawa origin, Central Java. Toyin admitted Tuberose flower sales increased dramatically ahead of Eid. “Especially at night takbiran, I could sell a lot. Were so many to forget how the stalks are sold,” said Toyin.

Tuberose Flowers

Grace, 39 years old, is one of the consumers who buy flowers Tuberose in Rawa Belong market is said every year to buy flowers to decorate her house. Once purchased, Grace is willing to spend Rp 500 thousand to 100 tuberose stalks.

“It’s over the years I bought here, to beautify the house,” said the mother of two children. “She smelled too bad, make a fresh home.”

Send Tuberose Flowers

Muljadi assesses the increase in sales of the Tuberose is affected by the fall holidays and leaves together ahead of Idul Fitri. According to him, if the schedule falls off with the 4-5 days ahead of Eid, the tuberose sales will decline, but not too significantly.

“So depending on the holiday of Eid fall when, as in 2008, when it fell off a long time after Lebaran, so our sales to decline,” said Muljadi. “Yes, because people do not have time to buy.”

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Pink Barbie Dress Up Fashion

January 2, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Everybody loves pink. This is true not only among the girls but you can also see a few guys who also love the color which can be seen in their preferences for clothing. Pink applies also to many other items, not only among the accessories but also to the clothing from reality to fantasy. If you love fantasy and the pink color, you might also love the pink Barbie dress-up.

De-stress from the terror teacher that you have in school and spend your spare time with pink Barbie dress up. Instead of agonizing how your teacher scolded you in school this morning, why not enjoy the fun and glamour that you can have with Barbie!

Like the color pink, everybody loves Barbie. This slender, teenage doll has become part of a woman’s life somewhere in her childhood and for this reason, Barbie has survived decades of her controversial existence.

Buy Pink Barbie Dress at

Pink Barbie Dress Up Fashion

Now let’s talk of the pink and the Barbie with pink Barbie dress up! Have fun with Barbie and don on the fabulous clothing that she has in her wardrobe. Barbie has thousands of clothing that can be said rarely gorgeous but since we are in the pink fashion today, find all kinds of pink, from the subtle color or carnation pink to the bold personality of the fusha pink. Get all the sorts you can find and let's start the pink Barbie dress-up!

Pink Barbie Dress Up Fashion

Have the cool and fashionable look with a long-sleeve knitted top, plain in color match with the checkered mini skirt. A pair of pink boots do not overload the style but gives an added accent. Make the look balanced with matching accessories in pink! A word of caution hover, do not overload!

Who says that polka-dots are only for the retro years? They are still the stylish texture that one ought to have in her wardrobe. Find the polka-dot leg pants and match them with a red overcoat! A four-buttoned fashion jacket with a slanting collar is perfect for a chic and smart look. Leave your hair flowy and give it the brown highlights if you are blonde! The flowy hair makes sure that you get the instant eye-catching look as you pass by!

Pink Dress, Ping Pants, All Pink

The classic white turtle neck top is best matched with skirt jeans in pink Barbie dress-up. Match it with a pair of sexy black boots. Dye the hair with brunette color and set the curls with curling bars! Find the perfect necklace to match the outfit!

Pink is the color of fashion. Find the best matches with the color pink and bring out the feminine side of you! Be fashionable with pink Battledress!

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Applying for Fashion Design School Can Change Your Life

February 20, 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Fashion Design School

At some point, every little one has dreamed of going to fashion school. It's a fast-paced, artistic, and highly profitable environment. Fashion design school isn't always easy though, it requires an intense application process and tough classes. Even though it isn't the same as say, Engineering, it still emphasizes artistic skills, math for drawing, and promoting your ideas.

The application process is the same as joining any other college, but you will need a portfolio to show off your talent and skills. It may help to have solid copies of your designs on hand too. Fashion involves knowing how to sketch your ideas, math for measurements and drawings, as well as the ability to construct pieces from almost anything.

The challenges of fashion art school are considerable. You will be in an environment with many others that are fighting for the same attention. You will have to compete and outshine the rest to ensure that you stand out from the crowd which is the most important concept for fashion school.

fashion design school

In all honesty, applying to fashion design schools in fashionable cities is highly recommended. Going to school in New York City is the best option, and then various schools in California or Chicago.

These big cities are the epicenters of fashion and will give you a great experience and an edge over other students. If you can afford it, fashion schools in countries like Italy and France are excellent opportunities to hone your skill at designing.

Classes you may take while attending fashion design school include business classes, art, photography, mathematics and English, history of fashion, and even graphic design courses. It truly depends on what type of clothing you want to create and what your overall goals are for a career in this field.

However, business is likely one of the most important courses you can take. Since being a designer is a business, you must know how to be an ethical owner of a company, and how to deal with customers. Business classes will also help you learn to communicate with clients and sell your product to them more effectively.

Apply for Fashion Design School

While it seems easy initially, it's far from that. You will still have to take basic classes as well as intense art classes to ensure that you understand the fundamentals of fabrics, colors, and more.

Fashion design isn't just about making pretty clothes all day. It takes a great deal of skill and works to achieve the results that you want and what is demanded by the client and the world around you. Also, this type of school can become pretty expensive. Luckily for most, scholarships, grants, and loans, are all a possibility.

These monetary benefits can help you pay for your tuition so that you can stay in school while working towards an awesome career in the fashion field.

Riding Boots And Fashion

February 20, 2020 - Reading time: 2 minutes

As testimonies to an age-old occupation that is still fashionable, horse riding boots have a history of their own to tell. Riding footwear has been first developed for men and an entire masculine hierarchy was mirrored by these items of men's wear.

Commoners had horses as working aids, and would rarely use those to ride. Noblemen however needed riding boots to show their superior social status clearly, while still needing them to be flexible, tall, thick, and insulating. The pleasure or parade riders from noblemen's courts wore different boots when they were hunting or waging war.

The traditional material from which such footwear was made was leather. Hunting took riders through dust and thorny bushes and sometimes into swamps. Hunting for food, not for pleasure, meant having to ride for long hours through difficult circumstances and in all seasons. Such footwear has become significantly taller than the knee and laced at the back of the feet. If the boot itself was shorter, it was worn with chaps and gaiters.

Riding Boots

Buy Riding Boots

Warfare used to be another activity in close connection to riding. Army riders were noblemen mostly, and their boots were a question of status as well. But wars meant having to ride at various paces with little other things to do sometimes for months.

Cavalry forces had to wear uniforms, which meant that special footwear which was at the same time classy and universally easy to wear needed to be designed. The rounded or moderately sharp front design suits most kinds of toe shapes and the more or less precious finishing of the leather involved, as well as the best or less good quality leather used, was made to do the rest.

So, although being a typical men's wear item that has gradually translated into the female world afterward, riding boots have always been an object of rigorous functionality standards and social concepts easy to be afterward translated in fashion. Alongside its rather stern look, fashion designers who have been attracted to this challenging footwear have added a lot of subtle elegance to it.

Ladies riding boots should not at all be expected to be unisex and the exquisitely different lines of boots that top online specialized stores like BP Country supply are the best proof of that. You must remember that in the last two decades riding boots have in their turn influenced urban fashion design and browsing such collections will have you understand why.

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The Benefits of Using Fake Grass on Your Lawn

February 26, 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Your lawn is among the very first things people see when passing by or heading to your property. Maintaining your front yard and continuing to keep it beautiful is often a challenge for those living in Colorado and various areas of the U.S. because of the harsh weather conditions. A good way to work around this concern is to find somebody who sets up Perth artificial lawns.

You frequently find fake grass in competitive sports arenas, golf courses, and football fields, but some individuals are reluctant to use it in their homes. Do not be turned off by terms like “fake”, “artificial”, or “synthetic”. Using this sort of grass on your lawn gives you lots of advantages.

Say Goodbye to Mud

Mud stains inside the house can be a problem when you have a regular lawn, particularly when you've got kids or household pets inclined to actively play outside. You do not need soil to put in synthetic grass. This means you will not have to deal with mud stains on your flooring, your kid's clothes, or your pet's paws. Most manufactured grass systems are available with an exceptional drainage system, which guarantees moisture or puddles are not going to accumulate in your yard.

Fake Grass

No More Unwanted pests or Allergies whit Fake Grass

Vegetation and dirt are great habitats for parasites and other critters that will lead to allergies or illness. Having manufactured grass could save your young children or pets from rashes, allergic reactions, and breathing conditions.

Fake Grass: A Constantly Green Turf

However gorgeous or luxurious your organic grass is when you grow it, it does not constantly stay that way. Your yard turns into a smelly, muddy mess in a wet climate. In a bright and sunny climate, your turf might dry up and turn an unpleasant hue of brown.

Fake grass will continue to be green regardless of what the weather conditions are, so you need not concern yourself with any of these issues. Artificial grass lasts for quite a while. What is better than having a perfectly green garden for over 10 years?

Minimal Upkeep on Fake Grass

Fake turf is ideal for those who do not have ample time to do routine upkeep. You must do lots of things to be sure an ordinary lawn stays in great shape. Genuine grass demands clipping, watering, and pruning. You can bring in help to do this for you, but that can cost an excessive amount of money. Naturally, you don't need to do any of these regular maintenance routines with an artificial lawn.

Fake Grass Reasonably priced Fees

Whilst synthetic lawns might seem costly, their installation costs are less expensive than what you would devote to an organic lawn. With typical grass, you have to pay for the initial seeding, and then you have to spend more cash on upkeep products or expert services. This usually ends up being more costly than the one-time setup charge you will need for man-made grass.

Buy Fake Grass online at Amazon

Synthetic grass has something to offer whether you are a potential homeowner who would like to spruce up the exterior of your home, or a present property owner who desires something much better than your present high-maintenance lawn.

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